The idea to produce a native sports car belonged to Late Erdogan Gonul who was the head of Otosan and his aim was to prove that Otosan can desing and produce a sports car.

Eralp Noyan; who was graduated from Royal Academy of Fine Arts Belgium; worked at vehicle designing companies in different countries (England, France and Italy) for a long period of time. After his experiences in Europa, he started to work at Otosan in 1969 and he took the job which was to design legendary STC-16 by the will of Erdogan Gonul. However Eralp Noyan left the project due to the interferences of the administration. After he left, Carl Orsen tried to complete the project by following Eralp Noyan's work, however he failed after his unsuccesfull jaguar type design efforts. Because of the failure of Carl Orsen, Crosswhite (a designer of Hyundai) took the job but when he saw the Eralp Noyan's work, he said "find that guy and let him complete this job". Accordingly Eralp Noyan took the job back and came out wiht the original design in six months after his return.

Engineering processes are proceede by; Ekber Onuk, Gunay Atuk, Kadir Nisel, Necdet Oral and Zeki Diker. The production days are voiced by Ekber Onuk's (who was responsible from the chasis design and mechanical portions) words: "high number of products weren't expected accordingly cheeper investments would have been enough. It was a clever decision to prove that this crew can create something valuable. Erdogan Gonul was the head of Otosan who were devoted to this job, his care should be appriciated. The crew was consist of complicated people, all of them were excited about this project. Everyone were creating a duty for them selves instead of expecting a duty. We were worki
ng even on weekends. This crew coincidided to Otosan and Erdogan Gonul managed this crew well".

When STC-16 was lunched, the production rate was just one car per week. And this rate has increased to one car per day in the following years. The production of STC-16 was stopped after 175 is produced in three years.

STC-16 was produced with two passanger seating capacity. According to this reason a marketing book mantioned that STC-16 was not prefered by Turkish people and the project was ended with loss. On the other hand according to Eralp Noyan, there is no mistake because the concept of a sports car at those years had two seats.

" Sports car is a kind a culture. Demand of a sports car occurs due to an emotional connection with cars. At that time the number of two seated cars was limited, people weren't interested much. A sports car needs a little sacrifice. Sports car has a show of when you have your girl near you, you don't want the third person to be with you.